My tribute to a wonderful daddy-in-the-making

Maternity Photo Shoot 1Today is officially Father’s Day.  I don’t say this because I think you may have forgotten.  I say this because I’ve celebrated Father’s Day 3 times this year.  Call it pregnancy brain, call it sheer excitement…but in March, my husband got his big present. I figured I would be “too pregnant” to want to shop when Father’s Day actually got here; so I planned ahead.  Then last weekend, I woke up early on Sunday morning to wish him Happy Father’s Day and give him a card from Madison and the doggies.  When I called my dad to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, he let me know that I was a week too early for Father’s Day.  So today’s the actual day!  Yea!

Pick-up trucks, country music, fly tying and fishing, photography, backpacking, marathoner, triathlete, NRA member, homeowner, Asheville, Charlotte, rugby, CRNA, dog lover, poet, jiu jitsu, Delta Chi, motivated, honest, strong, dependable, son, brother, husband, daddy

If I were to create a Pinterest board that represented my husband, all of these things would be part of it, plus some. These places, traits and things have shaped the person he is today.  They’ve shaped my perception of him.  He is the rock upon which we are building our family.  Today is his first official Father’s Day. He’s going to be a great daddy and I’m so excited to be a part of his next chapter!

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