19 days and counting…she’s got to get here soon!

Madison is due to be here in the next 19 days!  With 19 days left on the clock and to sum up this blog post I’m bloated, sleep deprived, moody and am developing fibromyalgia.  I believe in my heart that I’m only one phone call away from some type of government assistance…kidding…kind of…

Swelling: Admittedly I am not swelling everywhere; only in my feet and legs and let me tell you; it’s so sexy!  My feet actually look like cartoonish versions of themselves.  Until recently they weren’t painful.  I could just tell at the end of the day or after a 2+ hour car ride home from work on Thursdays they would be swollen.  Everything would be back to normal after being well hydrated and getting a good night’s sleep. (oh, sleep…) Today my feet hurt to even touch the floor first thing in the morning which has to happen pretty quickly because I have to pee so bad!  My sweet husband offered for me to go get a pedicure and I dread the thought of anyone touching my feet.  I hope this hasn’t ruined me from all future pampering!

Sleep deprivation: Since finding out we were expecting a baby, I have not gotten the quality or quantity of sleep that I am accustomed  to.  In the first trimester, I was so elated to even be pregnant that every night was like Christmas eve; I couldn’t wait to wake up and see if I had started showing yet.  Throughout the second trimester I found myself becoming a binge sleeper; spending most every Saturday and Sunday sleeping like it was my job and I was fast tracking to Sr. Vice President. Then I spent Monday morning’s drive to work regretting that I didn’t get more done over the weekend.  I think I doomed my sleep starting the third trimester by actually thinking through and documenting my birth plan.  It’s so simple that it’s unnecessarily stressful.  1. No major abdominal surgery (c-section) and 2. No drugs (my tribute to the Reagan years).  Then one day it occurred to me that on d-day my cervix will dilate to 10cm and the average circumference of a baby’s head is about 35cm (which is a difference of 25cm or almost 10 inches).  True story.  Ouch!, but alas,  I stepped back from the ledge and successfully convinced myself that I can do it.  I’m strong and a little crazy.  The perfect cocktail for a drug free labor.  Now I don’t sleep because…. I actually have no tangible reason other than the fact that I’m obviously being punished for sleeping though about 12 weeks of my life during the second trimester. I’m always tired but never sleepy.  It’s torture!

Emotional: The first time I was overcome by emotion during this pregnancy, I was listening to Selena Gomez’s Love You Like a Love Song in my car going to our annual corporate meeting.  That was in November 2012 and since that day I have become a crazy train of emotion.  Most recently (Friday actually) I was heading to meet some girlfriends for lunch and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way came on the radio and once again I find tears rolling down my face.  Talking or even thinking about Madison, how great a father Terry will be, her birth, her night light, how cute her car seat is….all of it…I’m a basket case.

Nausea & Heartburn:  In the past week, I’ve been overcome by waves of nausea.  I swear I haven’t been drinking either!  Which now that I think about it may be the biggest problem of all.  It’s so weird because I’ve had no morning sickness to speak of.  Week 7 I got sick one day, but I’m pretty positive that it was because I tried to drink a cup of coffee before a 6am meeting and didn’t eat breakfast.  Point taken.  But to now have this constant nausea which is the worst!  My heart goes out to those women who were so sick some or all of their pregnancies.  Oh and about the heart burn, words do no justice to how bad I’ve had it, how much it hurts and how ready I am for it to be over.

Sciatic pain: Last night I took my husband to see World War Z.  I figured it may be the last time we get to the movie theatre for a while.  As we were leaving the theatre; I could have sworn I actually got bitten by a zombie.  The pain was debilitating.  I could barely get my husband’s name out of my mouth when the tears started to roll.  Each step was like a knife blade stabbing further into my back.  I’m standing as still as a lawn ornament afraid that the slightest movement will send me spiraling down a black hole and it hits me….labor is probably going to be worse.  I shushed my husband, in public, as he drew and began to verbalize the same conclusion. I felt bad.

I know Madison is going to be worth it all and I would do this again and again.  Labor, while difficult, will come to an end.  I’m so thankful that I have days of this pregnancy left and not months.  To all of those moms and moms-to-be that have suffered far worse wars during their pregnancies I’m truly sorry and YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!

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