Giving our pediatrician a break today….whew!

Madison has been 1 year old for 26 days now and these first days of her second year have already been terrible for all of us. Her first year she really only went to the pediatrician’s office for well visits. The first 2 months she went a couple of times for me overreacting to things, but after I calmed down and began to trust my instincts we were able to work through it all, teething, transition to milk, etc.

We ended up at the urgent care while we were at the beach on her first birthday. Little did I know that this would overshadow the first month of her second year. She had an allergic reaction to some microorganism in the sand/surf. Who would have thought that my little Cancer baby would be allergic to the beach??? So, our entire beach trip had a slight Benadryl haze. Then her first molar popped through and brought on her first major diaper rash. The second weekend, we ended up at the pediatrician’s office after a sleepless night and Madison had her first ear infections (bilateral) and that started our first round of antibiotics. Then we had a week of upset tummies and really really messy diapers. The following weekend we were back at the pediatrician’s office for a rash that had worsened over 2 days. We took her in, as opposed to waiting it out, because she was on that antibiotic and her daddy is allergic to it so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t an allergic reaction to the drug. On one hand, it wasn’t an allergy to the antibiotic, but on the other hand she was having a reaction to the MMR vaccine that she had received during her 1 year well check appointment.

Today is the first weekend, in a month, that we have not paid our Pediatrician a visit. She’s got 3 other molars on the cusp of popping through and she’s in some pain, but we were able to spend our Saturday at the farmers market and Park Road Shopping Center instead of the doctor’s office.

I’m saying lots of prayers for the rest of this second year being a lot less dramatic…you know….other than introducing her little brother into the picture.

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