My ode to the Friday before Christmas

As a wife, mother to a 17 month old and expecting a new arrival any day now, my life is like a tornado these days. Finishing our shed in the back yard, finishing Madison’s new bedroom and Cole’s nursery, working full time – it seems that things just aren’t slowing down in what has become the busiest time of the year….until this morning. I’m working from home today and I happened to look up from my laptop and realize that I’m the only one in the house right now. I’m ashamed to say that it took me far to long to realize it. I took a minute to write the little poem below to celebrate the occasion. I hope you take some time this season to slow down and appreciate yourself as an individual and be thankful for the people in your life! Here goes…..(Warning: I’m no poet…so you will have to accept some near rhyme)

The Friday before Christmas

Twas the Friday before Christmas
and all through the house
I’m 9 months pregnant
expecting Cole’s arrival any day now

My husband has the day off
he’s out with the crowds
finishing our shopping
then will finish the shed of which he’s proud

Our nanny has taken Madison
to the library for a book
they’ve got a few more errands to run
and won’t be back til this afternoon

It’s just me and my belly
sitting alone with my PC
Hey! What’s happening?!?!
I don’t hear a peep!

It took me too long to recognize
the wonder taking place
I have a minute to breathe
time for a little amazing grace

Happy Friday for sure
it’s the best Christmas present of all
now watch me jinx myself
my water will break or I’ll fall

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